D700 replacement wait is driving me nuts :-)

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Re: Why wait???

mmmmmmmm wrote:

The D700 is an excellent picture taker. Open the box and start taking pictures, you won't regret it. Once you get the replacement for the D700, you will then want the replacement for the D7XX by saying, "I can't wait for the D7XX replacement!!).

there is way too much equipment wanting on this forum. Use what you got and enjoy!!
David Miller

No No No...David...KG2002 said that he is waiting for the replacement of D700 to come so D700 price will drop...KG2002 not going to buy D700 upgrade...

I, myself is waiting for D700 upgrade...why not buy D700 now...? 'cus I have not save enough for D700 as yet....by the time the upgrade comes out...say next April to reach my country...wahla...I will be able to afford it...sad to say, me too holding on to my D200. As D300s does not...not at all appeal to me to buy it...

Cheers to all who owns D700!!

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