Which lens for shooting large paintings?

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Re: Which lens for shooting large paintings?

J R R S wrote:

Good shots, Nice lens, Grate info!

Like the lighting rig! and the mirror thing is a brilliant idea - what a time saver - and so precice!


Thanks. Yeah, it's very accurate! (The mirror way).

I only wish there was internet when I was starting out with this stuff 50+ years ago. It would have saved me lots of grief and toiling. Hopefully my experience can save someone else from the same.

The guy saying that marco lenses are inherently better for this sort of thing is right on too! Besides the Zeiss 45/2.8 another very close rival would be the Nikkor 55/2.8 macro AI-S. It's probably the sharpest lens Nikon has ever produced and it's also extremely flat. I think they are about the same price as the Zeiss and are still being manufactured by Nikon too AFAIK. I think the Zeiss is still available new as well but they're manufacturing in periodic production runs - the most recent of which I think was the 100 year anniversary edition about a year or so ago.

In either case I would buy used if it were me.

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