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fotophool wrote:

OK, but to put this in layman's terms...
Is this anything I should lose sleep over?



My goal is to present potentially informative and useful technical information (in addition to cautiously making a few personal "judgment calls" here and there).

I do not specialize in divining what some universal definition of what an optimum level of "competence" might be for a concept as amorphous and subjective as "layperson" ... or specialize in prescribing whether or not you, my friend, should trouble your thoughts with such matters ...

" One person's issue may be another person's minutia " ...

(Perhaps) it depends on how wretched (and essentially unrecoverable in post-processing) you would like your shots of high-contrast scenes to look ...

Awareness of how much is "too much" in relation to the displayed information on the "Live Histogram" display is an essential part of my own approach to achieving exposure-levels that are as high as possible (without driving the photo-sites on the image-sensor into non-linear and essentially irreversible tone-level distortion). Thus, such facts make all the difference to me in achieving adequate image-quality. However, some people say they actually like that "blown-out" look ...

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