Just bought a 50D....now I hear a 60D might be coming out?

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Re: Getting out the cluebat

tvw wrote:

I'm happy that you are indeed the exception. It is wonderful to be special. I will only reply to your assumption about my beginner status. Not knowing your age, I can only say that I was probably shooting film before many on this forum were born.

Same here. And every day, I am grateful that I don't have to do that any longer. Aside from the costs when someone else was developing, the inconvenience and loss of space what I was doing it, the inability to review in the field, the handling problems for film, the low shot count before reload, the commitment to a single ISO once the film was loaded... I just never really liked film. I liked photography, all right, and so I put up with film, but that's not the same thing, is it? Digital is a whole 'nuther world, with amazing post processing options, and the essential annihilation of the entire list of problems above.

I still can't believe how myself and others were able to get all those shots with such Neanderthal technology; gosh some guys were even doing astrophotography with AE-1s.

Well, there's yesterday's entry-astro, requiring tracking and huge inconvenience, and then there's today's entry-astro, where I slap the camera on a fixed tripod, shoot a few shots, and end up with DSOs; that's the kind of benefit these high ISOs and low noise levels give us. Here are some untracked astro shots of mine using the 50D:

As good as tracked? Hardly - tracked has gotten better too. Here are some tracked astro shots of mine using the 50D:

In the end, it's really pretty disingenuous (or just plain cranky) to claim that the push towards better IQ doesn't offer concrete, worthwhile benefits. The facts speak to the truth, which is otherwise.

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