Who's giving up 24-70 f2.8 lens for new 24-70 f4 much lighter weighted lens

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Re: Who's giving up 24-70 f2.8 lens for new 24-70 f4 much lighter weighted lens

VR2is much more important than an extra stop in most of situations.

and IME, the new lens is sharper at the center but in the corners , the 24-70 is a bit better optically.

and the new lens has a bit cooler color tone ,which I liked better so while I am not selling my 24-70 , I will definitely get the 24-120f4VR 2.....and after that I may decide to sell the 24-70.......since f2.8 is not fast enough when I need really fast lens and it lacks VR.

but I think they can compliment eacch other.

if I have to keep only one though , I 'd go for the new AFS24-120f4VR2 lens with some primes.

It is a really versatile lens.......in day time , it can shoot almost everything I need.

And for low light static things, it is a much more useful lens than the 24-70, which always was a bit too short for me for one lens walk around solution..........

I may end up with the 24-120Vr2 +24f1.4GED , 85f1.4G and 70-200f2.8VR2 all of these are really superb lenses.

but my current most important priority is the AFS85f1.4G,which is a really sharp lens even wide open and its flare resistance is really mcuh better compared to the D.

so, I probably sell my Zeiss 100f2(never like its CA and its FL) and Zeiss 85f1.4ZF2(the new Nikon is a bit better optically ,with AF and a bit more precise MF ring) for the new Nikon 85f1.4G and AFS24-120f4VR2.

I tested them at Nikon plaza Osaka last week, this week , I will try the new 28-300VR........but I am neither interested in this one nor buying this one but may get it for my Thai Chinese friend.

tomboy wrote:

I had Nikon 24-70 f2.8 lens for two weeks and sold it ..

Hated the weight on my full frame camera ..specially with a flash added ..YIKES..

The new 24-70 f4 with VR I will be buying ..

Smiling enjoying a pro line lens and able to hand hold at lower shutter speed using the VR which 24-70 f2.8 has not..

When today Nikon full frame provides super low noise at ISO 1600 from d700
and stop better D3s at ISO 3200

Yes i will go lighter and get great results..
It comes down to

I do not need to go to the fitness club daily to to a work to use heavy f2.8 lens

Are you going to buy the NEW 24-70 F4 lens with VR that will I expect will be
better than Canon 24-105 VR Lens


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