Is Sigma insane? Sigma 70-200 IS $2,470

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Re: Is Sigma insane? Sigma 70-200 IS $2,470

One of the things that always bothers me about lenses, lens technology and lens manufacturers is that The prices always go up. Despite technology improvements and lower cost parts they are always trying to convince us that the new product is so much better and that it is worth the costs.

While cost of other industry products generally go down over time (Cell Phones, TVs, I-Pods, eventually I-Pads, Computers, Laptops, and the list goes on and on) photo gear manufacturers always want us to believe that their prices are right despite industry manufacturers and parts supplier improvements. I wonder what the actual parts costs of the Sigma lens is. And for that matter I wonder what the parts cost for Nikon's 24-70 2.8 or for some of Canon's "L" lenses are or any of the high cost lenses we always see.

Maybe one day some enterprising individual will take that challenge on and actually break down one of these high priced lenses and develop a bottom line cost. I think we would all be quite surprised.

The longer I'm in this hobby the more I tend to hold on to gear and not accept out of hand the premise that the next "new" item is the best ever made and worth these exhorbitant prices.

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