Which lens for shooting large paintings?

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Re: Which lens for shooting large paintings?

You must have a good idea of roughly what FL you will need...

If it's in the 50mm range, the Oly 4/3 50mm f/2.0 would be hard to beat with its combination of superb resolution, minimal distortion and vignetting stopped down a bit.

If much wider, the Oly 4/3 11-22 would be my choice considering distortion (mimimal at 22mm), vignetting, and sharpness.

At 14mm the kit lens has pretty horrible distortion wide before the in-camera correction, which will cut off some of the image you see live view, but the distortion is minimal in the mid-range, becomming again more marked at the top end. Stopped down a bit, vignetting not a problem. And sharpness "...in the 14-28mm range, is difficult to flaw." Particularly with the edges becomming very good by f/5.6, with superb central res. wide open. It would be an excellent mid-range choice:



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