Compared to Panasonic's LX5, the S95 is sort of a letdown

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Re: Size doesn't mean much

Yeah, good point.

Freeman-Jo wrote:

While I understand the concept of small camera. In general, I don't like jeans anyway. So, either way, S95 or G12 would fit in my pant. In fact, I could get something like Viliv S5 in my pant pocket too. So, even a pancake camera would probably fit also. But I don't think I ever want pancake camera. That's one thing I always look when buying a pant. Pockets that's big enough to carry what I want. I mean, how much your pants cost? So, you rather buy $400-500 camera that fit the $20-40 pants? Most of my pants cost less than $20 each, and they all have large pockets. Big enough to carry my wallets and phone and sit comfortably while I work.

At the same time, I think the problem isn't where do you carry the camera, but rather why do people think only women allow purse?

PaulRivers wrote:

I carry mine (inside a microfiber pouch) in my jeans pocket pretty much 24/7.

You are of course welcome to your opinion and experience, but only my dad carries his camera in a case or around his neck. This weekend I ended up downtown and some club and my friend pulls out his slim Sony camera. He's a guy so no purse, and he wasn't holding his camera in his hand all night, so I don't know where he would have gotten it other than a jeans pocket...

As mentioned earlier I think, for people I would consider the "general public", frankly, even the s90 is really way, way to big for them. Canon has started making cameras like the sd780, sd940, and sd1400 because people want small cameras...small camera that fit in their pants pocket.

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