Considering ditching Canon (after 30 years) ... getting left behind

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Re: Considering ditching Canon (after 30 years) ... getting left behind

I have faced similar difficult decisions like this in the past - with Nikon. I started with Canon in the 70's, switched to Nikon in the 80's. When it came time to go digital in 2002, most professionals agreed that Canon's digital products (digital SLR's and a large array of great USM L lenses) were superior to Nikon's. I did a ton of research and experimenting and I chose to switch to Canon. I now have 3 Canon DSLR's and 6 EOS lenses, with 3 of them being the "L" series lenses. Very pleased with them.

Now Nikon has caught up to Canon and in some areas surpassed them - the Nikon D3x is a fine example - Canon really can't touch this....yet. Many people have asked why did it take Nikon so long (relatively) to catch up to Canon? My opinion is this: Nikon and Canon are the heavy hitters in the camera biz and their name is everything to them. So image quality remains their priority and they will introduce new technologies only when it is, in their opinion, reliable and will not hinder image quality. Other companies are more willing to introduce new technologies just to be on the cutting edge, but image quality may suffer. The new Lumiz FZ100 comes to mind. It is a technological tour-de-force but its image quality is inferior to the FZ35 which is two generations before the FZ100. And I really think in most peoples minds, comparing the 5DMkII to the Sony NEX5 is not a fair comparison. The Sony is light and compact, but the MkII's image quality blows away the NEX5.

So the real question is what do you want? What is your priority - technical innovation or image quality? Convenience in handling or reliability?

I feel your pain, I do. I recently decided I needed a compact camera to keep with me all the time. I tested everything - I mean everything. From Leica to Lumix, to Canon and Sony. In the end I chose a Canon G11 - I know! It's a 2 year old camera that is soon to be replaced by the G12! It's bigger than most compacts, heavier than most compacts, its zoom range falls way short of many compacts and it doesn't have as many features as its predecessor the G10. But it was a a combination of things that was right for me - not the least of which was the G11's beautiful RAW image capture and that it is supported by a DXO Optics Pro profile - something other compacts are lacking. If I had the money I'd buy a Leica M9 and never look back. Leica has been criticized even more severely than Canon for being hesitant to introduce new technologies, but their image quality is stunning.

Good luck with your decision.

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