Is Sigma insane? Sigma 70-200 IS $2,470

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Re: No sigma is not insane, but...

To get 20% better results you need 80% more effort. This is true in generall and explains the crazy prices of Canicon on some lens vs same focal length but cheaper Canicon lens

1. Better quality, better IQ, better functions means higher price and its fine and just.

2. Also better product range means higher price, as long as there is a brand awarness conected with the quality of the brand.

We dont know about 1.
Marketing wise, the 2. makes some complain, now.

If 1. comes true, then 2. will start to come true and market will start to respond.
After all sigma is still cheaper than nikon

Its a bet that almost all companies operating on developed coutries, especially if production is on developed counties, have to consider.

Developed countries are EXPENSIVE to live, to work, to operate, but also developed countries can help companies produce R&D, innovation and know-how. Thats why sigma and any sigma has to push the quality and rise prices than the opposite.

And smthg else, now with internet and highly efficient sensors, its easy and fast a non effecient lens e.g. from sigma, to be known as a bad lens and stop selling good. companies and their lenses could easier hide their IQ from the consumer, now, its not.

I understand Sigmas vision and strategy and it may be the only viable one if Sigma wants to be a healthy company in the longrun.

After all if they do make better products, slightly less better than nikon, why not to charge also a little less than nikon?

Only time will tell.

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