Considering ditching Canon (after 30 years) ... getting left behind

Started Aug 28, 2010 | Discussions thread
Robert Hoffman
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I hear you...

I've been with Canon for over 40 years and have owned many of their best film cameras,including the FT, F1, and AE1. My first Canon digital was the S400 and I still believe it's one of the best digitals ever made, when it comes to image quality,

Today, however, it's a different ballgame. I no longer feel it is to my benefit to remain a Canon fanboy. There's a lot of competition out there and I don't see Canon doing much about it. Other than one or two models, I have not been impressed with the image quality of any of their latest offerings.

These days, blind loyalty won't get you very far. Screw fanboyism and buy whatever you feel is the best product avalible, regardless of brand name.

'Don't sneak up on it - surround it'

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