Continuous autofocus and manual control in video - impossible combination?

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Re: Continuous autofocus and manual control in video - impossible combination?

Everdog wrote:

Voldenuit wrote:

I don't think you'll like AF-C with CDAF.

What do camcorders and P&S cameras use?

CDAF and AF-C.

They use a large DoF too which you can do with the GH1 if you wish and want to be sure things stay in focus. With the GH1 you can also use a shallow DoF.

Camcorders have a huge DOF because of their tiny sensors, so focus shifts are a lot less obvious than it is with a large sensor-camera (their range of movement is also a lot more limited).

Professional video shooters almost all use manual focus exclusively. Native m43 lenses have lousy MF controls because of FBW.

I think that once Sony perfects their SLT cameras, PDAF assist is going to be very useful for budding filmmakers shooting MF. I don't think they are there yet - maybe next generation. They also have a lot of awesome Zeiss glass in their lens lineup.

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