Crazy Prices

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Re: Hey Bugeyes.....

I did actually try to spell his name correctly, was just a little too hasty...

Do you have anything else to offer the thread or are you only interested in turning the discussion into a personal attack?

Hobbyists with deep pockets, Freelance photographers, salaried media/press photographers, are the people who use these lenses, in what proportion of sales only canon knows. My guess is that the majority of these users will make the lens pay for its self, whether it takes one shot or 100 000 shots is irrelevant.

EF300 f2.8L IS USM Canon RRP $4880.... Street price $4400

EF300 f2.8L IS USM II has no canon RRP available.

Not one online store has this lens in stock, so whining about the price is really a non issue. Is it going to be more than the current price, well of course it is. The price quoted by the thread starter of £7,499.99 is pure extortion. My guess is it will be around £3 900 or $6000USD

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