monitor/print match - I'm very close, can I get "spot on"?

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Jasper in SF
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monitor/print match - I'm very close, can I get "spot on"?

Apologies for the ranting post!

So I've got a Dell 2209wa, calibrated to W=117, B=.15, Contrast is at 70, Brightness at 10, RBG at 100/99/98.

Use DTP 94 and Monaco EZColor. Print to an Epson R1800. I've gone through many iterations of calibrations.

I've read a gazillion threads (well, almost) about the Dell 2209wa (a new purchase for me, put off fancier monitors for later), especially calibrating it, and in some of them folks claim to have prints that are "EXACT" or "SPOT ON" matches to their monitors. They've used various, though all essentially similar, methods.

Personally, I'm in that ball park, and can get very close. I went through the dark print saga some years ago and reached a decent place. But with the new monitor, and reading new threads, and a few years more experience - I don't ever get 'exact' or 'spot-on' prints. Really, really close, and of course viewing circumstances improve/worsen the match. I mean, if I sit in the window on a reasonably bright day and look at a print, and look over at the monitor 8-10' away, hey, spot on. Get close to the monitor, hold up print (say a 4x6 - I know, bigger may be better) under my Solux 4700K 36 degree bulb, and maybe not so great.
And yes of course one is reflective and the other luminous...


Is it really possible (especially for a non-professional) to get exact matches? Since getting the 2209 recently, a huge improvement over previous LCD, I've noticed that in recent prints the skys are just a smidge grayer, the yellows/oranges sometimes a smidge more saturated, and the purples a little more red, than the monitor. There are some other differences in hues that lead me to believe it is not just overall minor differences in print darkness - it is definitely color.

I'm very ...retentive...about this kind of thing and it could drive me to distraction.
Is this the best I can hope for with my given set up?

How close do you really get in your home printing setup?

Any thoughts much appreciated!!
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