If u don't like the 60d, tell us what it should be

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7D fails because...
  • Same ISO range as 50D - 100...12800 - compare to 5DmkII's ISO 25600

  • Only the tiniest decrease in noise levels - compare to 5DmkII

  • More MP. Don't want 18. Didn't even want 15. 10 was good (40D).

  • No fallback in-camera stabilization for unstabilized lenses

  • No GPS (even the iPad, some point-n-shoots, and most phones have GPS now)

  • No wifi - I really want wireless unloading, review and control.

  • 30 second shutter limit still there

  • no focus during video recording

  • no microfocus (MA HELPS problems, but microfocus would SOLVE problems)

  • no focus bracketing (for focus stacking)

  • exposure simulation still fails in dark regimes

  • no replaceable focus screens (50D does, though, this is a downgrade)

And what does the 7D add? It's a little faster; though human reflex, at 30ms, is still about 4x more accurate than just blindly shooting at 8 fps, which is 125 ms -- of course, you could have used the video mode for a 2mp, 30ms frame capture except THE DARNED THING WONT FOCUS WHEN SHOOTING so it's 99% useless. Slightly better viewfinder; more AF points... but the only one that buys you additional accuracy is the center point, same as the 50D...

For this, they want a lot more money.

On the other hand, compared to the 60D, the 7D is a super camera. Because the 60D is a huge fail in almost every imaginable way, and the 7D is at least a warmed-over 50D - still not what a 60D should have been, BUT, the 50D is a great camera and the 7D is a (very slightly) better camera in most ways.

As far as I'm concerned, the only realistic upgrade path from the 50D within the Canon line is to go FF. $1800 to go to the 7D and get almost nothing for it? No, thank you. $700 more - the price of just one lens - and you have a 5DmkII... which in turn will significantly up the performance of every EF lens you own. Sharper, less noise, better low light performance, wider fields... oh, yeah. Of course, if you bought into EF-S... you're screwed.

I have said before, and I repeat here, what I'd really like to see Canon do is drop a camera on the market that uses an APS-C sized slice of the 5DmkII's sensor and the associated electronics. It'd be about 8 megapixels of low noise, ISO 25k-capable goodness, and if such a camera had the feature set of the 40D or the 50D or the 7D, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. I am so tired of the MP race, and I am so tired of shadow noise and being buried in crud when I shoot in low light.

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