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Re:As VK knows, after nearly 2 years now only the GH1 is doing

As the announcement of the GH2 is postponed, I guess Panasonic will react ot the current market condition.

Adventsam wrote:

the hybrid thing right, evf, silent af, OIS lenses and whilst Sony are coming knowbody, repeat knowbody can still compete with the GH1 for its feature set, and I personally cant see it changing, although the new Sony's are awfully close, and may have nailed it if they have some OIS silent AF lenses up there sleeve in A-mount.

For many though still foxated with Canon it still makes me laugh that after all this time we still see posters on the Canon forum saying,

"So how do I hold the camera, look through the LCD, Manually focus and track what I'm trying to follow in video mode, its impossible or I need 2 extra arms" LOL.

For the GH2, it wont be difficult to move further ahead for Panasonic, which is maybe why they are so arrogant, at this moment they still appear to be way ahead of the competiton, all the GH13 mod has done, is move the bar higher for the video IQ achievable, it doesnt change the ergonomics and usability of the GH1 one bit. Bring it on Panasonic with the GH2, I'm watching and the loyal GH1 user base if they see Panasonic have adressed the main failings;

Solid 1080p codec,
Sound monitoring, ie no AGC

and some enhancement on the stills, 5-6fps, better high iso image, then they have not a lot to worry about.

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