SLT A55, + and - and Canikon

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SLT A55, + and - and Canikon

Pls correct me if i am wrong.

1. Would u buy a lens with an extra glass element on its back that absorbs 30% of light (and may be slightly affects other IQ parameters), when we pay and care so much for glass quality ( L glass-zeiss glass-voigtlander glass)?

2. Would u pay for an f2 lens that its light gathering ability is f2.4? (dpreview says 0.5EV less)

3. I do remeber dust on the mirror, it could be seen with naked eye sometimes. It was a good thing as it protected the sensor, and because in taking the picture, that dust didt affect IQ. I feel that the translucent mirror will collect dust and thus you have to see the dust and try to blow it away, (and helping it reach the sensor). You could have 2 surfaces prone to dust collect that affect IQ.

4. Still SLT cams will need Auto focus calibration, from you or the service... a trully ancient feature for me, and inherit drawback of phase detection.

On the other hand, SLT has unique advantages:
1. AF during burst shooting
2. it will have insane Frames Per Second
3. Live view implementation
4.Smaller size
5. Use of same lens mount and register distance.

After m43, nex, NX10 and SLT, it seems that Canikon start to seem to be old, big dinausaurs although they still have the leed. All non DSLR implementations are offering at certain aspects on digital photography advantages over Canicon dslrs.

I am wondering on what they will propose in the near future, taking in mind that the learning curve of competiton on newer designs and technologies is already giving them strategic advantage.

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