Is Canon becoming to resemble General Motors ?

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Re: certainly not a waste for me...

MM1 wrote:

David Hull wrote:

Sal Baker wrote:

I've found the 5DII to be a superb imaging device. In fact, it does things that competing DSLRs still can't do.


Absolutely agree -- what a bunch of mindless whiners.

I would not call people who would like to see a D700 equivalent from Canon "a bunch of mindless whiners."

Nope, I would NEVER deliberately call those people who want to see Canon make a D700 "mindless whiners". That would be grossly unfair, completely over-the-top and totally uncalled-for. I was simply calling the "mindless whiners" a bunch of mindless whiners. I thought my post was clear, I offer my sincerest apologies if it was not.

B E wrote:

MM1 wrote:

B E wrote:

Steven Blackwood wrote:

ortho2000 wrote:

And me...well I have been waiting for my Canon 5DMark III like forever. The G series cameras were just the best and now are just okay. Their S90 to S95 upgrade sure seesm to be playing it on the safe side as well.

The 5d Mkii isn't even 2 years old yet. Give me a break.

The 5D MkII was outdated on the day of its release - at least as far as AF goes. It should have been updated long ago.

It was outdated in 1998, with the EOS-3 45pt AF system.

Since 1998 we have seen massive improvements in image quality. The resolution and high ISO performance that the 5D and 5D MkII sensors are capable of is far beyond what we had in the film days. So what a pity it is that the AF system went backwards, leaving much of the 5D's potential going to waste.

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