Is Sigma insane? Sigma 70-200 IS $2,470

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Re: Is Sigma insane? Sigma 70-200 IS $2,470

imaging resource had an interesting PMA interview this year with the new young Boss at Sigma. He clearly states that Sigma is forced to go into higher quality markets to survive and keep production in Japan. So far this sounds very responsible.

From a customer point of view, I'm really disappointed. Sigma always performed very good with their lenses. Build quality was also very nice. The Sigma lenses were located between Nikons consumer and professional line. Performance was better than consumer line, build quality was like a pro lens (talk about EX DG blablabla). The price point was just above the consumer line of Nikon or Canon lenses. Think about the original 70-200 EX DG, or the 24-70 2,8, or the 15-30..... price point was in the 500-600 $€.

Even the DX lenses were quite nice. For example the 17-70 is a beautiful lens and offers even 2,8 on the wide end.

Unfortunately Sigma has changed their goal. Seems they want to become the Carl Zeiss of the 21 century (with autofocus ;-).

The price of the new 24-70 HSM made me scratch my head. What's going on here, but by now the trend is clear to see. The new FX line of Sigma is as high priced as the Nikon lenses. And this will drive their customers away from them. Pro's who considered the Sigma lenses and were ok with the Sigma quality will no longer see a reason to save some bucks, because there is nothing to save.

Amateurs will not buy Sigma any longer because they can not afford or it was unreasonable.
Sigma will make a crash with this attitude. Wisdom is with the modest ones.

I guess, that there will soon emerge other companies that will bring products filling this lucrative niche.

Maybe Tamron or Tokina will get more into this business or some completely unknown company will start to make lenses filling the need. I'm curious if Photokina will bring some surprises in this regard.

Maybe we will see some forgotten names in new shining letters bringing some good glass to us.

For Sigma I hope, that once they've learned their lesson they will get reasonable again.

If it's not too late then. The SD camera series needs really a some money to be invested, and if lenses will not sell well, to finance this project Sigma may be sold faster than they may think.
I for my part can not think to buy their new high priced lenses.

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