New 70-300 f4-5.6 L VERY sharp (MTF)

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The joke is on you!

philippegex wrote:

L serie 5.6 at long end is a joke. Ok travellers need compact lenses especially in the rainforest. Yes waterproof, yes sharp, yes minimum focus in the range of 1-1.2 meters is a real selling argument.

I would have expected a lens that can be used with 1.4 TC:

for instance 100-300 F4.0

Or even better (look at pentax... they just miss TC compatibility and the AF perf is poor!!!): 60-250 F4 --> waterproof, 1 kg, the ideal lens for travellers

Ok, lets look at Pentax!

60-250mm f4 APS-C (!!) lens.

How does that compare to a Canon 70-200mm f4 L IS USM on APS-C?

FF equivalent focal length of 90-375mm, FF equivalent aperture of f6 (!!!)

Waterproof, bad SDM motors, 1 kg (APS-C !!!!), no IS in lens (only the not so great Pentax in-body IS).

FF equivalent focal length of 112-320mm, FF equivalent aperture of f6.4
Waterproof, reliable USM motors, 750 grams (FF!!!) Very good IS, better optics.

If you find f5.6 FF laughable, then why would you be impressed with an f6 lens (FF equivalent) from Pentax? It does not make sense.

On APS-C the Pentax still does not reach the level of the new 70-300 L. And the 70-300 L has quite a bit of reach (375mm vs 480mm at infinity).
What does that mean concerning aperture?

250mm / 4 = 62.5mm
300mm / 5.6 = 53.5mm

Not that big of a difference.

BTW, when can we expect the replacement of 100-400mm L lens?

When it is ready?

Please canon listen to customers not only for bodies but for lenses as well!

I think Canon has listened. I have read so many times that ppl would not consider the 70-300 IS USM for their full frame cameras because it was no L or had no ring type USM.

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