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Re: How much did Sony pay DPR?

For all the mud flung at dpreview, the only agenda we have when writing a review is that we want to give our visitors the tools and information required to decide which camera to buy, or to avoid making a potentially expensive mistake. The reviews are written by genuine enthusiasts with a passion for photography and an unhealthy interest in cameras and lenses. (Virtually) every new feature added to the site is designed to improve the user experience or to provide additional tools or data for those interesting in choosing or using a digital camera. And yet almost everything we do is met with accusations of 'payola', bribery, intentional misrepresentation or some other 'hidden agenda'.

I can say, hand on heart, our first and only priority is our readers / visitors - I'd not be able to look my kids in the eye if even a fraction of what we're accused of was true. This isn't all altruism either: doing the right thing for our 'customers' (even if we sometimes get into fights with them) also makes incredibly good business sense, since it's only by winning, keeping and respecting the trust of the majority of our visitors that we can maintain our position as the number one review destination.

Of course the site has to make money to survive (without charging for content), which is why 5000 miles away there's a couple of people selling ads to fill the spaces we leave on the page. We rarely see them and the writers have no idea who is spending what.

The strict separation of church (our content) and state (the advertising) is taken very seriously here, and is in stark contrast to the considerably blurrier line I saw back when I worked in magazine publishing.

Simon Joinson, Editor
Simon Joinson, Editor

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