60D: emo's and whiners

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60D: emo's and whiners

Not the most sympathetic title but that was my overall feeling after reading some threads about the new 60D.

I really can’t believe people react this emotional about a change in a “naming convention”

Some seem to feel the announcement of the 60D as a personal attack from Canon and/or are in the presupposition that Canon promised them to stay on the same road (whatever that is) with the xxD line.

Just some statements that amazed me (well not really ):.

“ Oh my … , it’s now impossible for me to upgrade because micro-adjustment is missing”

“Please put the new Canon 60D in the "Canon 550D - 300D" forum”

“Is this what I've been waiting 6 months for? I sold my 20D and three lenses in anticipation of the coming 60D………. Too bad I can't say how I really feel.”

AND MORE SERIOUSLY this quote from the preview:

“With the 60D Canon has unashamedly moved the X0D range out of the 'semi pro' bracket……”

DPREVIEW SHOULD BE ASHAMED with statements like this!!! They are asking for insurrection!

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To put things in perspective:

Canon is just doing what it has to do to compete with Nikon and others and does it very well IMO.

They filled the gap between the 1D and xxD with the 5D/7D and the gap between the latter and the xxx(x)D with the new 60D
So now whe have the new order:
1D > xD > xxD > xxxD > xxxxD

1D : pro’s who need a reliable workhorse
xD : pro users and enthousiasts

xxD : mainly enthousiasts (former xx(x)D users ?) , first DSLR buyers with aspiration (and money)
xxxD : newbies coming from P&S, enthousiast with low budget, students

(of course there will be people of every group who can and will buy a cam of other categories)

-------- Position 60D compared to 50D (list is not complete)------


  • articulated 1040,000 dots LCD Panel

  • 18 MP, yes it’s an improvement

  • SD, for a lot of (new) users a pro because it’s cheaper and can be read direct into most laptops

  • eye-fi compatible

  • custom auto iso limits

  • weight, when every gram counts

  • movie, at least for those who like it (I don’t care for)

  • electronic level (very handy!)


  • frame rate 5.3 (6.3) I doubt this will be a deal breaker for most people

  • environmental seal? Not much info about this

  • no Micro Adjustment

------- 60F Compared to xxx(x)D: ----------

For people looking for an upgrade:

  • size and weight more in balance with “pro” lenses

  • viewfinder

  • top lcd

  • Frame-rate

  • AF, all cross points tyoe

  • X-sync

  • Wireles flash support

  • Etc.


  • weight: for those who wants a higher level camera but for whom the extra weigh is a handicap


My conclusion:

Canon introduced an interesting new camera which will find it’s way to a lot of happy owners.

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