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Everybody is whining about the new 60D as if the end of the world is here. I think we are missing the point and I'd like to sound the sane voice here.

Canon did a brilliant move and created the perfect mid-level camera.

As with EACH generation, most of the "Digital" stuff is very similar between the low end and high end cameras. That's why it's the same sensor, same screen, etc.

All the differences have always been and will always be in the build, ergonomics, and advanced features.

The 60D has ALMOST EVERY XXD (and EOS-XX Film) characterizing feature from the dawn of EOS's history:

  • Pentaprism (vs. Pentamirror in XXXD)

  • Larger Magnification

  • 2nd Control Dial

  • 8-Way Arrows (yeah, they redesigned the location of it. Boohoo)

  • Bigger, more robust body

  • Higher FPS

  • Top LCD with quick access buttons.

  • Better AF (9 Cross Point vs Center-only Cross Point)

  • 1/8000 min shutter (Vs 1/4000)

  • More custom functions

... and I probably missed a few...

It also sports the very nice new articulating screen, as well as two new features available on 7D but not on 550D:

  • Electronic Level

  • Built in Wireless Flash Control

This is a LOT of differentiators from the XXXD, as always. What it lost, from the XXD line is 3 things:

  • Magnesium body. While losing the "Cool" factor - plastic bodies are great today. None of my Nikon friends with D90 are complaining.

  • PC Terminal - Relevant only for pro studio work. This is not the target audience. Pro studio can get 7D.

  • Micro Adjust - I think this is the only place where Canon did a mistake. I think it's a very important feature for those who need it (my lenses came all perfectly calibrated but if they were not I'd be upset). I actually think this should be available on rebels as well.

Bottom line - the 60D still has more in common with XXDs than with 550D. It's going to be a great camera. And they lowered the announced list price by 200-300$ over previous XXD bodies. Which will make it a big selling hit.

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