D5000 replacement: 60D?

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Re: D5100 will replace D90, D7000 replaces D300s

rhlpetrus wrote:

It's clear the market repositioning by Canon and Nikon will produce 3-level APS-C systems:

I think there's 4

Entry: D3100, Rebels

The European numbering makes it clearer (rather than the silly Rebel car codes) the base Canon is the 1000D - OK, the D3100 blows it out of the water, but it did OK against the D3000. So, there will be a 2000D very soon, probably very similar to the 500D but 'updated' to a new model.

Midrange/enthusiast: 60D, D90 (D5100 next)

550D is more than a match for the D5000 - D5100 needs D3100 just to keep up, yet alone get to 60D level. Critically, these are both 1 wheel models.

60D has gone squarely at D90, if D7000 moves up too far, there'll be a gap here, so D7000 might outspec 60D, but they'll still cover the same market sector.

Semi-pro: D300s (D7000), 7D.

These are pro APS-C rather than semi pro. The 7D was conceived to go at the D300, the D7000 will need to move a long way to match it.

I think they'll still go with four model ranges. Due to the phasing of the introduction cycle, there's always going to be a model (or two) in the range that looks a bit lame.
Right now it's the 1000D for Canon and the D300s for Nikon.

Very clear and simple, the rumored D7000 is not a D90+ but a D300s+.

Don't think so, it's a D90 replacement, it just might get a spec close to the D300s. What it won't have will be (my guess):
CAM3500 AF
100% VF
Full seals
7/8 FPS.

Sure, the D300s won't sell a lot for a while, but there will be a D400 (or a D9000) along in time.

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