Canon EF to Sony Alpha lens converter?

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re: flange distance - Canon EF vs. Sony Alpha

Karl Gnter Wnsch wrote:

Such a converter will probably never be created as such a converter will not be able to control the aperture, which means you can only use the lens wide open.

if the success of converting Contax N/N1 to EF is anything to judge
by, than K/M-Sony to EF might be achievable;

however, a huge stumbling block is a very small difference in flange distances:

  • 44.6mm for K/M and Sony;

  • 44mm for EF;

which leaves just 0.6mm - a bit too little space to fit everything:
mechanical coupling would be a challenge alone; but contact pins
would verge on miracle. Unless of course one will be able to do what
Coneos/Conurus did while converting N/N1 to EF = they dismantled
old mount and replaced it with the EF one,

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Comments and critique are always welcome!

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