550D - Slow Flash Recycling

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Overheating protection

My guess is overheating protection. When you shoot a lot at full power any flash will at some point kick in the safety feature to protect the flash and its circuitry from overheating. I've had this with the on board flash, a 430ex (the camera still fires but the flash doesn't) and the Metz 58 AF-1.

Try to lower the flash output by:

  • increasing ISO

  • opening up the aperture

  • if you shoot in high speed more, with shutterspeeds above 1/250ss try dropping it below 1/250ss.

Similar to this thread:

TX Gator wrote:

I saw a thread about this, but there were no responses in the past two months. My camera has recently started getting SUPER slow between pictures when I'm indoors using the built-in flash. I can take a few pictures without a problem, and then my camera starts freezing up. It takes a good 10+ seconds for the camera / flash to recycle between pictures. Not so good when trying to get pictures of birthday parties and kids events! I'm using a Sandisk Extreme III Class 10 card, so I'm thinking it's the flast recycling issue that I saw discussed before. I saw a lot of people had this issue. Was there ever a fix for it? Is this something that I should contact Canon to get my camera checked out?


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