Panasonic will lose this war unless…..

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Panasonic will lose this war unless…..

The battle is heating up and we can see other manufacturers are attacking the m4/3 continuously from all directions.

The next move or new batch of cameras from Panasonic is vital if they want to stay in the battle. One wrong move and customers, including me, will shift to other manufacturers.

Here is a list of the suggested things they should implement in there next cameras (GH2, GF2):

1. IBIS (this is a must!)
2. ISO noise improvement (by at least 2-3 stops and this is a must!)
3. More prime lens (a fast speed zoom lens is a must!)
4. mudless video for GH2 and 1080p video for GF2 (this is a must!)

5. 100mm-300mm lens (this long waited lens must have excellent IQ; this is a must!)
6. More art filters (current filters are very boring)

7. Full AF compatibility with ALL existing 4/3 lens (today there are still some oly 4/3 lens not compatible, why?)
8. In body EVF for GF2 (not a shitty one)
9. Reduction in body size (mainly for GF2)
10. We want more smart features (look at Sony’s panoramic sweep, HDR, etc..)

Unless Panasonic addresses the above 1-4, otherwise, I will give up on Panasonic and purchase the Sony A55 which seems to be the solution for everything. Size is the only major factor for A55 but it is only slightly larger than a GH1.

I have the GF1 and looking to see what is available in the market for upgrade.

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