FZ45 - first shots

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FZ45 - first shots

Like Graham in his ‘First Impressions’ thread, I got my FZ45 yesterday. Mine was from Fotosense in Bolton. I actually ordered the FZ38 but stocks had run out. They offered me the FZ45 instead at a very good price, which I found difficult to refuse… even though I have never bought a camera without reading lots of reviews first!

Unfortunately the weather yesterday was dreadful. It poured with rain almost all day. The sun came out for a couple of minutes and I ran into the garden to take this shot. The camera was in macro mode at full zoom. After using the FZ18 for three years, I was surprised that no ‘Tele-macro’ symbol appeared. It seems to have still done the job though.

N.B. All shots are hand-held. Click twice for full size.

Today has been better for photography but I’ve been very busy and was only able to take a few shots. The next three show a full wide angle image followed by 24x zoom to the church steeple, then 32x zoom using the Intelligent Zoom feature. I’m happy with the latter and can see myself using it a lot.

The next shot is again a 32x zoom, this time to the petrol station that can be seen to the right of the church in the wide angle shot.

The following pic was taken from an open bedroom window. It is followed by a 32x zoom to one of the buildings at the other side of the rooftops.

Another 32x zoom to a flowerbed in a neighbour’s garden:

A new leaf on a Pieris plant, taken with what I still refer to as Tele-macro:

And a flower that was in a shaded area of the garden and turned out at ISO 250:

I haven’t taken anything like enough photos to come to any conclusions about the camera, but so far I’m quite impressed. With all it’s features, most of which I haven’t yet tried, it’s a significant upgrade from my FZ18.

It’s also a little larger and quite a bit heavier. The viewfinder is smaller, but clear and definitely useable.

I will do my best to answer any questions, though I don't know my way round the camera at all yet!

Please don't ask me to take any night shots. I never take them, and don't intend to start with this camera. Sorry!


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