D700: Pkt Wizard or CLS

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D700: Pkt Wizard or CLS

So I've been looking at both the Pocket Wizard Plus II kit (2 units) or just staying w/ CLS by firing my SB-900 & SB-600 from on-board, or using the 900 to fire the 600. Either way, I have been somewhat impressed, but couldn't get what I wanted to shoot in a portrait session last night that took place outdoors.

So my question is simple, to an extent, & probably answered a thousand times, but experience w/ each is what I'm looking for from you guys.

In what ways does CLS perform the SAME as PW & what ways do the excel or take a step back. I know I can't do TTL w/ PW, or at least until the new units ship, but if I know how to use manual, what is the 'loss' here? I can free up a 900 by not having to use it as commander, etc...

On the other hand, where do the PW's fall short, or where does the CU-800 come in as a 'better' alternative?

And lastly, the MAIN reason for my post is that the local shop as a SET of (2) PW Plus II for $200, brand new, never used. The CU-800 goes for $249.95. And to add to the mix, I can get 2ND SB-600 for $219.

With ALL of that info, what would be the best scenario to spend $200 + - for more 'wireless' freedom:

A) Go w/ the PW @ $200 & forgo CLS
B) Stick w/ CLS & add the SU-800 to free up the SB-900
C) Forgo the CU-800 & add another SB-600

I am NOT doing studio work, I don't have one & don't plan on 'building' on in my house. I shoot location work and don't always want to deal with having to 'see' my other flashes. I also don't want to commit to a road where I have to choose between CLS/PW and be stuck with that.

Which leads me to my final though; do any of you all use BOTH; CLS & PocketWizard's, choosing which one works best for each individual situation. I see the benefits of both, but if I don't 'need' to get both, I'd rather start down ONE road & stay there.

As always, thanks to all for your input!

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