A55 User reports: 10fps in action + battery life report

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Battery performance

jonny1976 wrote:

3000 frames?

not even a d3s canon 1 battery that is big capacity battery can have this performance...

Well, as a matter of fact they do - and then some. I have shot over 5000 images over two days on one charge with the D3 without even fully emptying it, and others have shot more then that.

It all depends on what and how you shoot - and on the battery size (just to addf the obvious).

dpreview states 300 frame and some video....here we talks about 3000 frames plus 10 minutes video with gps attached...IMPOSSIBLE believe me it's clearly an error

If you shoot without stabilization, and only jpg, that could be very possible.

What drains power in a modern camera is first and foremost sensor readout and image processing - that is the big one. And the faster you do it, the more power it consumes. Depending in implementation, the next biggest culprit often is image stabilization. Also autofocus can drain alot of power, but this is very lens dependant, and can vary considerably depending on lens design and its focusing speed. The actual physical lcd display on the back is in itself is actually much less of a culprit then most people tend to think. But live view and video involves a lot of continous readout and processing which makes displaying a (main sensor based) live view/EVF a battery eater. This is btw another clever thing about the original Sony Live view inplementation, the small live view sensor uses a lot less power then main sensor Live view does.

But in short, if you shoot jpg images only, and preferrably small ones at that, do not use stabilization, you can get amazing amounts of images from a single battery.

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