Photozone reviews 16mm and 18-55 NEX kit lenses

Started Aug 25, 2010 | Discussions thread
Klaus Schroiff Contributing Member • Posts: 722
Re: the results are not cross-system comparable

Well, if you do a print the sheer numbers are "valid" but it does only show that e.g. a NEX-5 produces better pictures than a D200. However, you can't conclude that the Sony 18-55 is better than the Nikkor 18-55. After all you can mount the lens on a D3100 where it will resolve a little more (higher MP count + weaker AA filter).

The primary sense is to compare lenses within a system. The ranking here will remain valid even if you mount the lens to a different camera.

There'll be 5 more NEX tests in the near future so we'll have a better guidance about the quality of these Sony lenses ...


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