A55 EXCEED my expectation by 500%.....canon I will sell

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Re: A55 EXCEED my expectation by 500%.....canon I will sell

I hope I don't hear you saying you are going to sell your A55 once Canon announces something that blows you away again in a couple of weeks. LOL

007peter wrote:

OMG - A55/A33 completely blown my brain away. Good doesn't even describe it. When I saw the leak-photo of small A33/A55, I knew I like the physical design, but Ihave reservation about the inner working of a translucent camera.

When I saw this HD video by luminous-landscape.....my jaw dropped to the floor. Unbelievable....I'm completely lost for words


I have not finished reading DPR's own review, but I'm already sold. This is innovation at its best, a revolutionary camera that cost less than a bland Canon T2i or Canon 50d.

I left sony minolta for a canon 30d 4 years ago and patted myself for making a smart choice in leaving early as I watch follow sony users grew increasingly hostile toward sony. I never thought the day would come when I will begin to sell my frivolous canon lens for a sony dslr. After watching that LL video, I'm not sure I want a canon 60d anymore. I will keep my 12mp Canon XSi and my two fabulous 17-55mm f/2.8 IS and 70-200mm f/4 IS. The rest, I will sell to fund my soon to be sony acquisitions.

In a ways, I really HATE sony now. I was hoping that A33/A55 is good, but not so good to make me want to switch back. Now, my faith in canon is shaken, while sony siren is becoming difficult to ignore.

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