Nikon V.S. Canon image quality

Started Aug 25, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Nikon V.S. Canon image quality

I'm a nikon shooter, d3, d700 and d300s. My assistant shoots with a few of the current canon bodies.

Curious what others are seeing regarding image quality. Both myself and assistant are shooting raw. I process in LR3. What I am routinely finding is that the nikon files simply are nicer to my eye. Also, when a shot is under or over exposed I also find that I have MUCH more latitude with the Nikon files.

I've spoken with another local photo that shoots nikon and works with canon shooters. We both are 'over' the canon files.

Do we simply not know how to properly process the canon files? Or are they simply not as nice as what the nikons are producing?

Thoughts? Similar stories?

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