EF-S 17-55 or EF 24-108L for 7D...

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Re: EF-S 17-55 or EF 24-108L for 7D...

I would get the 17-55 for any crop body over the 24-105. The focal range is much better suited to the APS-C format, and It's a great lens that spends the vast majority of its time mounted on my 40D. Optics are outstanding as well.

temery wrote:

I am looking for a general purpose lens for my 7D and I am torn between these two. But the more I dwell on it the more I realize that the two lenses serve different purposes. Their biggest similarity may be that many people point to one of these two lenses as their general purpose lens. My question is for anybody that owns both. Is it worth it to own both?

The way I see it, the 17-55 would be great for low-light indoor shooting and the 24-105L would be great for, say, a trip to the zoo. The 17-55 would be better for landscapes and the 24-105, while not a real long telephoto, would be better for wildlife.

Does anybody own both? Would it be crazy to own both?


Also, I know about the 15-85 and I know it might fulfill all the aforementioned needs but for some reason it just doesn't intrigue me. It isn't as fast as the 17-55 and it doesn't have the reach of the 24-105L.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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