EF-S 17-55 or EF 24-108L for 7D...

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If and if

I think 24-105 is in a way more versatile - for MY OWN style - and it is a good lens for 90% of subjects. But IF you can afford also a 10-22 wide angle these two lenses make a good pair when traveling and for town and indoor shots. Or for everything.

But IF you want to have just one lens with you on a walk , 17-55 is better or 15-85 even more.

Speed = f2.8 has no real meaning nowadays with 7D - high ISO capability is so good. I am anyway stopping down to f5.6-8 if it is not night or very shady - f 2,8 is not needed so very often...

If you need really shallow DOF for portraits (who really needs it ?) it is possible to buy a 50mm f 1,8 or 1,4.

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