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Re: Rasit.....you need to take a chill pill....

1. The context of the OP's question DOES take into account a non professional work environment. So not sure why you cant jump outside your own situation and answer the question like it was asked.

Thats why i said "Buying a D3X and using it in the cropped mode may be the starting point of the user but sooner or later he might switch to professional way or upgrade the d3x with some 1080i avchd model and will definitely suffer from 3GB ram or 32bit systems "

2. Why do you keep talking about a 32bit system with 3gb of ram.

Tarnish in his comment said "Just the other night: 12 D700 files, merged into a 50MP panorama (serious overlapping)... in Photoshop, with Topaz, with only 3GB present (just a 32-bit OS, my hands are tied) on a dual core system. I've also assembled 80GB time lapse movies on the same system."
I was referring to Tarnish actually.

3. Now on to point 3....which I truly dont understand...but your answer actually comes off snotty as if your the only person who could understand professonal shooting.

I would question why on earth you have to process 6500 D3X files in a row? The shutter is rated for 300,000 cycles. Guess every 46 shoots you intend on replacing your D3X?

Even if you have a logical reason...I would argue that your situation would be very A-typical. And in that light...my advice would still apply. And to imply that your professional and anyone else out there is not...or even that I am not, well, thats just arrogant. Not everyone uses a camera the exact same way you do. And to imply that your way is the only professional way well....just weird if you ask me.

Now...for us normal people...professional (to your level of professional) or not, wouldnt need 16gb of RAM for normal D3X processing....batch or not. (unless maybe your machine is not configured very well)

And to imply that EVERYONE with a D3X neds 16gb of ram is silly if you ask me...even if that is your a-typical finding.

I stand behind my origonal comments.


O.K. Roman, I'm truly sorry you feel that way. I wasn't trying to be snotty or whatever, our A-typical situation was about producing time-lapse a tv commercial for 2.5 minutes, RAW is needed because the 1080i cropping frame would also be moving across the FX frame during post production.

When it comes to using a D3X for a sequence for 6500 shots, I'd say it is quite reasonable since we rent the camera and we charge the customer for that.

Until recently i was shooting mostly macro, birds and landscapes, this tv commercial came out of nowhere and i found myself deep into it. So you never know what comes next or when it comes.

Using a personal DSLR for an interesting series time lapse sequences and combining it with 1080i HD to produce some nice music clips or short movies is what people are up to nowadays.

So even the real topic of the thread was about d300 vs. d3x and using the d3x in the crooped mode, i was just trying to point out D3X has large files which could be used in anyway you could creatively imagine and therefore processing power is vital at some point ... Not everyone with D3X needs it of course, i never said that, no need for exaggeration.

A life cycle of 300,000 yields almost 46 shoots you're right. That means you have 46 clips or short movies to sell to the tv industry, music channels, advertorials. Being able to sell a few could easily renew your D3X and workstation.

So, anyone, professional or not, with a little bit of creativity and imagination may use his/her dslr for time lapse, stop motion and avcdh and definitely will need some post processing power, 16GB ram recommendation is my opinion and it seems it would be better if i had kept it for myself ...

Rasit Serdengecti wrote:

Assume batch processing 6500 raw d3x files to build up a time lapse sequence, and each shot requires 5 steps of post processing. How long it would take with an 32 bit system with 3GB of ram ? Compiling them is another story, several layers in After Effects and real time editing the downscaled 1080i stream.

Sorry guys, i think either you have unlimited time or patience or you're shooting for pleasure, the last time lapse advertorial we shot was made with 6400 raw files from d70s, work processed in professional pp studio with 64-bit 2xquad core xeon machines and 64GB ram & raid configured 4 SAS drives as well as the SSD for system and software on each, final rendering was done in render farm and the whole job finished in 3 full days.. No need to remind that Time is money in pp industry !!!

Rendering some images for panoramas or processing few raw files of course can be done with 32bit 3GB ram systems and D300 is a better choice for that. Since D3x is a high end professional camera and when used in most professional applications it directly implies too many shots, too many pp, too many processing power and too many ram.

Buying a D3X and using it in the crooped mode may be the starting point of the user but sooner or later he might switch to professional way or upgrade the d3x with some 1080i avchd model and will definitely suffer from 3GB ram or 32bit systems ..

I was just thinking professionally but definitely not exaggerating, anyone who intends to use a D3x as a hobbyist then you're right, but if go out for work with two 64GB 600x CF installed on your camera and you're carrying 2 more 64GB CF's to use if needed then you definitely need a system with 64-bit system and a minimum of 16GB ram installed ...

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