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Re: Nikon D3100 digital SLR announced and previewed

Dayd3 wrote:

zxaar wrote:

till here i was thinking you were serious but this gave you up. Sony's AF is quite good. From personal experience its pretty good. There are many loopholes in your post, but lets call it personal experience. Further you sound as if your nikon reads your mind and you only have to point and it focus exactly where you thought it should focus. Camera will only focus where you will ask it to. This is true with AF. Yes speed of focus could be different but all the cams AF where user ask it to. (by selecting mode and points of AF).

It's my experience. I shot with Nikon cameras for few years and with A200 more than a year. Sometimes I used both Nikon And Sony camera simultaneously. Every time I came back at home and reviewed pictures much more Sony's pictures were OOF compared to Nikon D80 or Nikon D50. Maybe my camera was not working properly but I did sent it to service and they returned it by saying everything is working according to specifications. I tried more lenses and same story.

It's not that in Nikon land everything is nice but my experience is that AF is much more reliable and that overall Nikon makes better camera for my needs and shooting style. So on the paper A200 was better than entry level Nikons but in reality it was much worse for me.

There's no question in my mind that Nikon has the most reliable AF of any dslr, bar none. I was originally in the Canon camp but AF was always questionable.

What a joy it was to experience the Nikon's quick and accurate AF for the first time even in thier entry level models..

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