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Re: Final Ratings from Bjorn Rosslett ...

" Ratings for the two lenses I just tested:

AFS 85/1.4: FX:5, DX: 5; IR: 3 (possible hot-spot issue when the lens is stopped down); UV: 2 (low contrast, only upper UV-A)

AFS 28-300/3.5-5.6 G VR: FX: 4-4.5, DX: 4, IR: 5 (D200/DX); UV: n/a (quite efficient internal UV blocking taking place)

FX results from D3s and D3X. DX from D40x and various D200.

For the "superzoom" 28-300, it is safe to say that at f/8 it will suffice even when mounted on a D3X. Now, that is a feat I never would think possible, but test shots are not to be ignored.

For the AFS 85/1.4: safe at any aperture setting, but to get the highest performance use f/4 or thereabouts. It has a remarkable even performance all over the aperture range, so depth-of-field considerations should be the decisive factor for aperture setting. The inevitable softening appearing at f/16 is almost negligible. Performance at distance is better than with the older AFD 85/1.4, and a tie to the AIS 85/1.4 except for image contrast being slighlt higher. Resistance to flare and ghosts is good."

Gentlemen please note that a "5" rating is his maximum grade. The 85mm AFS got it for FX (including for D3X) and DX bodies.
The defense rests...

Ray Soares

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