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Hi Leopold 2,

I thought we were up to Albert 2 already ? Anyway.

Leopold2 wrote:

I ordered a LX5 but a few days ago.

Good ! You will be very happy with it.

And now you can read some negative facts

Of course. People who have just bought another camera will slam anything that looks better because of fear that their camera is not the best. Also, reviewers will point out obvious things that have no impact on the actual camera quality at all. Let's see...

(noise at high iso,

It's a small sensor camera. Any compact will get this complaint. But is it a valid comment ? At 3200ISO, the LX3 is hardly usable. At 800ISO, though, I've made photos that look very good.

Don't forget: noise comes out mainly when pixel peeping on a screen. If you want to spend most of your time looking at tiny parts of a photo on a screen AND you dislike some randomness in your life, then the noise behaviour is a very important parameter. If, on the other hand, you like to view your work in its entirety, then most compact cameras are performing really well these days.

If anybody suggests the S95 or other compacts, bear in mind that these will also not be very pleasing if you view tiny parts of your photos on a screen and you also happen to dislike some irregularities at extreme enlargements.

hard to open rawfiles

It's a new camera. As soon as it's widely available, this will be finished. Could be a worry for maybe 2 or 3 months.

Enjoy your LX5,

Peter from Belgium.

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