Ipad App for Storing Photos--for X1 User

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Re: Ipad App for Storing Photos--for X1 User

warnica wrote:

Is there a good one for downloading and storing photos as a backup to your cards, say on a trip, for example?

That's how I use mine, but admittedly with Nikon and Canon gear. I shoot 10 to 500 raw pictures and upload them to the iPad using the camera connection kit. I then use the iPad to discard bad shots, which often takes me down to about 1 or 30 ok pictures. With a Leica the proportion of good pictures would probably be much better.

I can do this when I am still on the road, in a cafe, in a waiting room, in a bus, a train or a plane. When I get home, I connect to my Mac and transfer to check out the keepers for further processing.

There are some hiccups in the work flow though, like:

  1. Load pictures from camera card to the iPad. Do not delete the pictures on the card (but keep them as backups).

  2. Delete the bad ones on the iPad.

  3. Load a new batch of picture from the card to the iPad. The camera will ask you if you want to skip duplicates. You say yes.

Here the iPad will take all the original pictures of the ones you deleted and transfer them again, as they are not duplicates. This means that the entire deletion exercise in step 2 was for nothing.

Fix: Only delete pictures after the last batch transfer during the trip.

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