Keeping my 85mm 1.4D and not upgrading

Started Aug 22, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Re: Keeping my 85mm 1.4D and not upgrading

raymondox wrote:

Why on earth would you even consider upgrading. The current 85mm 1.4 is a stellar lens and all you'd be is out of pocket.

hi, i am totaly agree with you...Don't change for changing !

Perhaps that if you are professional, the new one gives a bit more or some thing different ! But for me who is not pro and who can shooting just sometime i am really
enjoy with my "older version" that i prefer for his finition and "style look"...
A few example of portrait at 1,4 or 1,8 . When you shoot right focus on the eyes
whaou the result !!! And i like the naturel renditon of that lens .

All of them done in natural light, en of the day at 1,8 to be sure to have both of his eyes in focus !!! Not bad, very sharp bur never unnatural with for me a great bokeh !
What do you think ?

A last one, i visit my Mother this last day and i profit to make a little test with her
with this lens aperture 1,4...

I think that if we are not pro, we can really stay with our best portrait lens !
Have a great shooting !

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