EF-S 17-55 or EF 24-108L for 7D...

Started Aug 23, 2010 | Discussions thread
goanna Contributing Member • Posts: 638
Just to complicate the answer....

Yes I have both and to choose from these two lenses its fairly easy from my point of view.

However it did frustrate me not having a little extra pull so I recently bought (4mths ago) the newish 15-85 IS and since then it hasn't been off me camera.

Sooooo, what do I recommend

If you are not interested in the 15-85IS then choose the 17-55 IS, its a great lens.

I am sort of holding onto the 24-105 for the day I buy a full frame which seems to be coming less and less likely with the types of photos I take and my complete satisfaction with my new 7D.

Maybe one day my wife will quit swiping my old cameras (40D last time) and I will be able to buy a full frame and not suffer the loss of a secondary cropped camera.

Good Luck

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