FZ40/FZ45 or FZ100?

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Re: FZ40/FZ45 or FZ100?

Ok. If you are trying to decide between an FZ-40 and an FZ-100 just remember than the FZ-40 is basically an FZ-35(38) with a bigger 600mm lens, a more powerfull flash and a slightly bigger screen (3" vs 2.7"). Although it is 14MP's I doubth its photo quality will improve at all even with its CCD sensor. Although it does not have a hot shoe its flash is powerfull enough for most indoor photos (unless you are planning on taking photos in an indoor basketball game or any indoor stadium at night time).

The FZ-100 is a much faster camera. Better for sport photography or moving objects and videos, although not necessarilly with better photo quality. But it will improve your chances of taking photos than the FZ-40 may not be able to take due to being much slower. It also has a hot shoe for installing a big flash (like my Sunpak 622 Super Pro with 400ft of reach!) and a much better 460K screen.

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