FZ40/FZ45 or FZ100?

Started Aug 22, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Whether to upgrade , depends on your budget & the feature range you want

I have an FZ38 , FZ38 & Leica v-lux-1 (FZ50 equivalent)

The FZ100 , from the limited pics available online to have very slightly not as sharp pics as the FZ38 .but this can sometimes just be down to poor comparisons being made with different camera settings, also its unclear whether its1st batch or pre production issues

I personally wait at least a couple of months before I buy a new model because ie on the FZ38 , the opening price was £399 & I bought it for £270 from a panasonic dealer 2 months later

The FZ38 was an improvement in terns of low light/night shots over the FZ28 in photos & video. The video button took a lttle time to get used to, but its a great all purpose camera. However, I got skin tones that were a little to red for my liking for people with darker skin. I didnt have the problem with the FZ28. I tried the FZ100 indoors w/o flash & it took great pics in the loer light. It also handles natural light indoors as well as the FZ28 & I prefer it to the Z38 for portraits. I think it'll be a great learning tool.

I dont do nature or sports photography, so pin sharp is not essential because the camera is mostly in the slightly softer portrait mode most of the time, but I want the increased full size faster burst mode for friends weddings, ie people walking up the aisle & not missing a shot

I intend to get the FZ100 or any leica version that comes out , to replace my FZ38. I prefer the adjustable back as I can get into more interesting angles for architecture ie if I want to photo up the full length of a building, I dont have to crouch underneath & look up anymore . Also the hot shoe , remote control potential , will be great & external mic slot. I prefer the lighter weight than the FZ50.

I tried the FZ100 in a shop & I was happy with the new features & pics & its easier to handle for video & pics with the 360 turn back. I'm waiting for it to go under £300 or close as I'm in no hurry. Basically its an FZ38 with more features.I havent seen shots from the FZ45 to compare. The screen is nice & has more angle movements than the HS10. If it stays at the current over £300 price I think a £250 fz38 would be a better buy as the Fz45 doesnt have all the features of FZ100 & IQ on the FZ38 is not improved on the FZ100, If the FZ100 gives me a better night cam , better HD , hotshoe, 3 inch screen & lighter & more compact than my leica v-lux-1 at a cheaper price then its fine for me. The extra zoom length wasnt essential to me 480mm was more than sufficient & in common with all camera models on the market, no compact superzoom does anything over 500mm pin sharp, I dont think the technology is perfected yet


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