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Thanks for the addition CityLights!

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  • I've also read some posts that claim a CP is completely useless, I don't agree, it's been very useful to me. It is correct however that a CP at such a wide focal length will darken a part of the sky (you can rotate the CP element to choose which part) and the rest will be much brighter. When there's say 15-50% clouds in the sky, much of the difference in brightness is hidden and make the clouds stand out much more. The normal B+W doesn't hard-vignette so save a few $ € by getting the standard MRC version. Stacking it with an ND filter does hard and soft vignette though.

I haven't had ample time to play with my friend's CPL. So when adjusting the polarizer, even at its maximum, it can only provide cover to part of the picture?

Let me illustrate with an image. The lens covers about 97 degrees horizontal (that's a quarter of the 360 degrees sky). When you point the lens at 90 degrees from the sun the CP will have the greatest effect (see the left of the sky, large dark blue patch, on the right it gets much brighter and the sun is just outside of the frame. (I'm aware of the dust bunny):

You can still see the effect in this image but I've tried to place the darkest part where you least see it, behind a cloud:

Wow, you guys weren't kidding when you said the 77mm filters can cost a fortune! Does the Hoya Pro1D CPL work just as well?

Yep, it works well but I think I've read the MRC B+W CP is easier to clean due to the coating. The Hoyas seem hard to clean, except maybe for the HD version:

Don't bother with the Kaesemann version from B+W, it's a weatherproof one but if you don't use it in very wet conditions the normal one is fine and saves you even more money.
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The DSLR jargon cheatsheet:

Sunset blending tutorial:

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