Keeping Rawnalyze alive, a tribute to GaborSch

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Keeping Rawnalyze alive, a tribute to GaborSch

For those of you who don't know already, GaborSch, one of the most knowledgeable, courteous, and sharing people on dpReview passed away recently. Here's a little bit about what happened, and some nice tributes...

Aside from copious amounts of excellent advice, freely given, Gabor also gave us a freeware raw file analysis program called Rawnalyze.

There has been discussion recently about trying to continue developing Rawnalyze. I'm starting a new thread about that, here, because the original thread is in the Canon forum, and I think it's more an "Open Talk" thing, and because I'd like to not have the "say nice things about Gabor" thread turn into a thread about software development.

Although Gabor gave Rawnalyze out as freeware, he did not open the source. That's quite common: for many of us, programming is highly personal: it gives insights into our thought processes that we might not want to share. I know I don't like people looking at the code for my large, personal projects like mImage or WordWhacker.

Right now, there's a discussion going on about how to keep Rawnalyze alive. To continue developing Gabor's program would involve three things.

  • Getting access to his source.

  • Assembling his development environment (I have no idea what compiler or libraries he used, or how portable it is).

  • Figuring out enough about how it works to be able to expand on it.

To develop a "Rawnalyze inspired" program would be a little more difficult.

  • Come up with some sort of guiding document.

  • Choose a development environment and libraries that support a "group think" style of work.

I'm thinking of trying the second approach. Gabor once mentioned, in a conversation involving a Mac version of Rawnalyze, that it wasn't sufficiently portable. I've recently begun playing with Iliah Borg's "libraw", which is a portable, thread-safe, callable library "reimaging" of Dave Coffin's dcraw. Additionally, it does some things with black levels and dark frames that are very, very useful for a project of this type. And I always build these sort of programs with wxWidgets (which I've been using for about 10 years now), and I have need of a wx wrapper around LibRaw for entirely different purposes, but would make that wrapper open source as it grows. I tinkered last night, and it took me about an hour to get something that called LibRaw from wx, and could at least get the dimensions of raw files.

So, here's my thoughts, so far.

  • Project hosting: Sourceforge.

  • Project name: Rawnalyze, RawGabor, Sch, SchRaw. Open to suggestions.

  • Application framework: wxWidgets 2.9.1. A 2.9 fork leads directly to wx 3, which is supposed to be out this year.

  • Raw access: LibRaw. It doesn't seem to be that hard, and for this project, it's better than the way mImage uses worker threads to exec dcraw.

  • Gamma curves and viewing gamuts: Little CMS 2. I haven't used LCMS 2 yet, but I've been looking forward to it, and it's portable.

  • Version control: open to suggestions.

And some future directions

  • Database: not sure if it needs one, but if it does, same as mImage: SQLite with the wxSQLite3 wrapper. Schemas overlapping Lightroom 3.

  • i18n: not my strong point, open to suggestions. Poedit?

  • Mac port: wx makes this pretty easy. Anyone have a Mac and a compiler?

Suggestions, catcalls, etc?

Oh, and if there's anyone who has Rawnalyze and would like to either send me a copy, or summarize what's changed from, it would be much appreciated.

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Rahon Klavanian 1912-2008.

Armenian genocide survivor, amazing cook, scrabble master, and loving grandmother. You will be missed.

Ciao! Joseph

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