What lens should I get for the Canon EOS 7D?

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Re: What lens should I get for the Canon EOS 7D?

Don't get the 24-105mm L. It is a great lens - with a 5Dmk2. With the cropped sensor 7D it is only good. There are only 2 choices for a standard zoom in your price range, and they are both as good as they get. The 17-55mm or the 15-85mm. You will need one of them. After a while you will work out (from missed shots) what your 2'nd lens should be.

The choice is between a superb range and very good image quality with the 15-85 or superb image quality, great boka, but only a decent range and disapointing close ups (macro) with the 17-55mm.

I went for the 17-55mm and love it. I solved macro and long range problem with a sigma 150mm macro.

Mixing and matching is the way to go. Not every canon lens is the best deal or even the best image quality. Sigma make the best macro (70mm,150mm or 180mm. avoid 50mm or 105mm) and the tokina 11-16mm is unbeatable.

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