1DsIII USA Southwest - Canyonlands, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon

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Re: 1DsIII USA Southwest - Canyonlands, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon

Hi torsten
unfortunately for the whole week they are booked!
damn!! heartbroken...

In front of the hotel you mean is it inside / part of the hotel (i can go there only if i sleep there?)
Or i can just drive there park and take some pictures?

I saw that there are some huge rocks in one of the pix, and it would look like it is not inside the hotel.

i read that in the park it is not allow to hike without a permit. the park open at 6 am
Do you remember what time you shot the dawn pictures?
since i cant enter the park before 6 am without sleeping at the hotel.
Sorry to bother you, but it would help me to know these info.

In case i cant take sunrise/ sunset pix, i dont want to waste time there, i ll go next time... (sad...who knows when...)

thanks again


thejack wrote:

Hi guys,
some pics from my last trip to the southwest, Arizona, Utah, Nevada
this trip i took most my 1Ds and most used lens was the 16-35 II

Mesa Arch - Canyonlands NP / Utah

Mesa Arch - Canyonlands NP / Utah

last glow



after the rainstorm


Grand Canyon HDR

so, that´s for first, hope you enjoy it

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