The "old 85 1,4 AFD still work SO WELL"

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hughf Senior Member • Posts: 2,749
The "old 85 1,4 AFD still work SO WELL"

Hi at all,
i started a post with a few of samples of that lens at 1,4...
For thoses who had see theses picts, i am sorry...

But theses new one are a bit larger version, always perhaps not interisting for a few of

you, so sorry again...They are only a little test of this old version that i love so much,

and i must to say, i think we don't care about the new one, this version still very good !

There is only one raison to take the new one, it is it will be VR Version, but as it don't have that argument, it is not enough for me to cange for the new version.

This a little test at 1,4 (Not artistic image) but to present the sharpeness and the bokey
At 1,4...Not bad at all! What do you think ?

Now a little set with that wonderfull lens.

THX for looking
C&C are welcome

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