S95 ...my thoughts

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S95 ...my thoughts

Having been a S series lover (S30/50/70/80...even a IR modified S60)

I always look at the newer Sxx

Now...the S95

Seems it's the same CCD sensor.

ISO can be set to a max (starting at limiting it to iso 400,from what I've read.

It now has RAW + jpeg.

Seems it doesn't have super fine jpeg,as all previous Sxx (excluding the S90) had.

HD video ,with stereo sound.(720P)
The video might be interlaced ,if using the same 10MP CCD.

Might have less slippery coating,for slightly better handling.

Seems improved control dial,on back.

does the flash still pop up,on it's own?
(can it be disabled,via menu?)

How will IQ at base iso , compare ,to my S80?

Canon ,on their website, claims better low light performance,due to the HS IS system..and they added 12,800 ISO.
Some Canon quotes:
"Image Quality That's Better Than Ever."

"Blur and camera shake are notably reduced for the ultimate in sharpness and clarity"

but it seems they use the better HS IS for this...no claim to improved processing...or improved CCD.

How about this one:

"The S95 sports an f/2.0 aperture, perfect for creating enticing portraits, by drawing attention to the face and blurring the background with its impressively shallow depth-of-field"

Can anyone owning the S90 comment?
With a smallish CCD sensor....other than macro,can this be true?
I doubt it.

Seems macro is still 5cm.
Wish it was 1cm,as with LX3.

Should I give my S80 to a friend,and buy this S95. ?

LX5 is tempting...but not pocketable,like the S95 is

any thoughts


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